Phyllis has treated my family since my children were babies, always with fantastic results. She has a wonderful way with the children, very reassuring but still professional.
The Garden Studio is a very calming & lovely clinic to have a treatment in!
I personally wouldn’t see anyone else!
Keely JL Bromley
A very stressful job as a secondary headteacher, coupled with old injuries to a shoulder and knee that weren’t properly treated at the time mean that I have regularly suffered from stiffness and pain in my back, neck and leg. Phyllis has been treating me for almost 14 years, and her skill in using both osteopathy and western medical acupuncture mean that my mobility is rapidly restored and my overall quality of life quickly improves. The Garden Studio is a wonderful, calming environment in which to be treated by an extremely accomplished practitioner - I cannot recommend her services highly enough.
RL Charlton
Phyllis has been my osteopath for over 14 years and I couldn’t recommend her more highly. I have had various problems that she has been able to help with including treating the neck issues brought about by my work as an embroiderer. What is amazing about Phyllis, apart from making you feel comfortable and at ease during the treatment, is that she is able to give follow up advice and or regular exercises to assist the recovery.

KS Blackheath
Phyllis has helped me with back and shoulder aches and cycling-related muscle tightness. I recommend her very highly.
— Lee Peckham