What To Expect On Your Consultation


Your First Consulatation

  •  I will take a detailed case history and discuss the problem or pain that brought you to the osteopath as well as your previous detailed medical history
  • You will usually be asked to remove some of your clothing or dress down to your underwear in order for me to carry out the assessment and subsequent treatment.  Please let me know if you feel uncomfortable with this – towels can be provided  or you can be assessed in shorts or leggings
  • I will then discuss my findings and treatment plan together with you.  If you agree and are happy to proceed the treatment will commence. Subsequent visits if required will follow in a similar way
  • A range of techniques may be used including soft tissue manipulation (similar to a strong massage) articulation of the joints (movement), high and or low velocity thrusts (release of ’stuck or restricted’ joints)
  • Dry needling/western medical acupuncture may sometimes be used if appropriate
  • Simple targeted to the individual exercises may be given that will help if carried outregularly to aid your recovery
  • Other individual changes may be recommended including ergonomic advice (changing work position or a chair)
  • I will discuss the number of treatments required with you – this will vary dependent upon the problem and the person being treated but is often no more than 3 or 4 treatments